The Italian Muaythai Federation brought the IFMA educational system IGLA to gyms in all the regions providing the youth with the basic elements of Muaythai, and ensuring that they can adopt universal techniques of the sport.

Mr. Davide Carlot, IFMA Executive Board member was in attendance of the IFMA Ad-Hoc Management Committee meeting in Bangkok and reported that the IGLA educational system is now in the final stages of the adoption in the federation with seminars being regularly held at the national competitions and in the gyms all around Italy.

In November the Italian Federation registered 52 iGLA instructors organising a huge seminar in the Olympic Center in Rome and today so many young athletes can gain important knowledge from local certified teachers.

Combining sport with education is the philosophy of Olympism and fundamental in IFMA youth development planning. The IFMA IGLA education system cooperates sporting and educational values and IFMA fundamental principle that every child should have the right to a healthy lifestyle.

The IGLA system gives the kids a chance to continue their studies at home in a specialized education programme. All Italian muaythai schools are united under one teaching curriculum which is done with CONI – the Italian Olympic Committee and also Sports Ministry.

Competition is only secondary, the key aim is to engage the youth in sporting and cultural exchange.

Being one of the potential hosts of the European Championships 2020 Italy implements the developmental goals of the IFMA strategic plan which is important for building a unified structure of Muaythai.