Italian Muaythai Federation (FIMT) in cooperation with the Martinettti Caluso Institute hosted a muaythai workshop showcasing muaythai as the total bodyworkout and realistic female self defense.

One of the most active IFMA members in Europe under the presidency of Mr. Davide Carlot FIMT hosted this important workshop which was coincided to the upcoming International Women’s Day. Orignally only 80 spots have been given to the various instituions but on the  the end more than 100 girls participated in the project.

The workshop was conducted by instructor of FIMT, Riccardo Staltari Anna. FIMT specialists showed basic self defense technique and physical exercises.

Being a firm partner of UN Women to end violence against girls and boys, IFMA members are proud to “Orange the world”, the colour designated by the UNiTE campaign to symbolise a brighter future without violence against Women and Girls, using the power of sport.


Mr. Carlot reported it was one of the most successful projects FIMT has done, and that cooperation with educational establishment is a great way to appeal to youth through sport and raise awareness for fair treatment of women. “We are happy that in Italy so many schools are so positive towards our projects”, he stated. IFMA cooperation with UN Women opens many doors for muaythai to address women and let men be involved in the project.


Every year female participation in IFMA world and continental championships rises, and fitness centres around the world are filled with female practitioners which do mauythai as a way of life. The number of countries which include female athletes is increasing with every following competition and UN Women campaign plays an important role in this change.