Isfahan, one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, was the host of Iran’s national championships, from the 8th to the 14th of June. Winners of the national championships are to compete at the upcoming Senior World Championships from 20th to 29th July in Bangkok and World Martial arts Masterships from 30th August to 6th September in Chungju.

An impressive 170 female athletes from 25 provinces and 280 male athletes from 32 provinces participated in this qualifying event. It was an impressive event with hundreds of spectators filling the stadium, showing the growth in popularity of muaythai in Iran for both the male and female competitions.

Gold medal winner from the Asian Championships in Macau, Kavan Azadi, participated in the 86kg division, and gold medal winner from the Asian Beach Games in Danang, Kaveh Soleimani, participated in the 71kg division, both winning all the bouts on their way to gold.

In addition to the high number of female athletes, a record number of 30 female referees officiated at the Iranian national championships, which show that Iranian Muaythai truly empowers women.

Silver medal winner from the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017, Fatemeh yavari, participated in the female 54kg division, winning gold.

Iran is one of the leading forces in Asian Muaythai. Since becoming an IFMA member Iran has made impressive progress in developing Muaythai as a sport and social tool to empower women, develop youth sport, and highlight Iran as a sport loving country.