The Paralympic movement achieved a global milestone with the release on the 26th August of their phenomenal documentary the “Rising Phoenix” which premiered on Netflix.

This captivating and truly life-changing documentary is the perfect warm-up towards Tokyo 2021. Giving the audience a riveting understanding of what it means to be a Paralympic athlete, we are able to look with new vision and open our hearts to better understanding and embracing our unique differences.

The Paralympic Movement began under the vision and soul of Sir Ludwig Guttman and where Sir Philip Craven poured his heart into ensuring a legacy for the Paralympic Games. The Paralympics has now reached another level of success and global support, under the dedication of current President Andrew Parsons.

The Rising Phoenix is a raw and poignant examination of the Paralympic movement’s formation and where the documentary has the audience on the edge of their seats, quite literally.

Featuring 9 heroes from around the world, each tells their own unique story, sharing their battle to make the impossible possible. These athletes demonstrate the power of self-belief and the spirit to keep moving forward against all odds.