The Organisation


What is Frysbox?

  • Frysbox is about having a place to belong, bringing youth together into community with one another, helping them to know a sense of security.
  • The heart of Frysbox is to develop oneself socially, finding one’s own voice and self-respect, while learning to integrate with one’s peers across a range of social and life backgrounds, growing in  trust, empathy and understanding.
  • Frysbox is a social project working in martial arts training, and in particular Muaythai. It is run as a cooperation between Fryshuset ( and “TiP Muay Thai IF”, a Swedish Muaythai gym. It began in 2007 in Stockholm.
  • The target group is youth: 13-20 years old.

You can visit the Frysbox facebook page or official website

Basic goals:

•  Team building, developing a sense of community, releasing energy through physical training.

• After the physical training, there is time for dialogue. Everyone sits down and talks, working through different topics such as: self-esteem, self- confidence, values, having the courage to have your own beliefs and stand up for your own opinion.

• The dialogue is a time for the youth to find real solutions to real problems they face in their day to day lives.

Muaythai Champions:

• In Frysbox, the trainers are Jörgen Kruth and Pernilla Johansson. They are both winners of the IFMA amateur World Championships.

• Jörgen won the IFMA amateur belt in 1996 and 1997. In 2004 he became the WMC champion in the super heavy weight division. Pernilla won the IFMA amateur title in 2006 and went on to become the WMC champion in the 67 kg division.

• Their Muaythai background and accomplishments makes them credible role models, who can connect with the youth they are working with.

Get in touch: If you are seeking more information about how Frysbox works, feel free to contact the project.