iGLA had now been introduced in Qatar as Faisal Zakaria alongside Caitalin Abubaker are establishing a Muaythai federation in the country and are putting the education guidelines in place ahead of this.

The dynamic duo are very active in Qatar being the key players of muaythai training in the country and have many classes from beginner to professional with special classes for children and women. The pair began using the system several months ago and have just completed their first grading under the iGLA education guidelines.

Faisal Zakaria is a former WMC World Champion and has been living and competing in Thailand at the highest level for many years. He now plans to transfer his skills and train others to compete at the international level using the IFMA and WMC approved iGLA education system.

iGLA utilises the Muaythai Animation Education System (IMAES) an online system which aids practitioners in teaching Muaythai from online videos. The system was developed over a 24-month period and uses state of the art technology to allow students to log in from home and continue their studies towards excellence.

Faisal Zakaria stated that education is the key in the development of Muaythai and we must move with the times and incorporate technology if we are to continue to draw the interest of the youth of today. The system is great to use and the students are able to login at home and recap what they have learnt in class.