Zoom webinars held over the past 2 days to accommodate the different time zones saw many faces from over 100 IFMA national federations to receive an official briefing and presentation by the IFMA Secretary General and Director on the IFMA Virtual Championships.

During the 90-minute sessions, federation representatives were taken through a step-by-step presentation on the new competition format.

Participants were presented with the release of the Official Trailer of the event, which gives a visual representation of the different disciplines available for participants to compete:

  • Wai Kru
  • Shadow Box
  • Max Fit
  • Aero Fit
Official Trailer of the IFMA Virtual Championships

Some of the main takeaways from the sessions included:


  • The IFMA Virtual Championships Event information can be found at: https://virtualchampionship2020.muaythai.sport/index.php
  • The Schedule of the events can be found at: https://muaythai.sport/event
  • The presentation walked participants through the technical guidelines for federations running their national VCs in terms of system of scoring, scoresheets etc.
  • Links are were provided to Mock/Test bouts in Wai Kru and Shadow Box competitions.
  • Links were provided to download all designated score sheets for the various disciplines/rounds.
  • Rules & Regulations are currently being translated by our member federations into the following languages and will be made available on the Event website once they are completed:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
    • Farsi
  • Within the next 2 weeks, Webinars will be held specifically for R&Js led by IFMA ITOs from the VC development working group. We will contact all federations with the schedule via email. Please ensure that your NF event coordinators and technical officials attend at least one of these sessions.
  • NF participation fees for the VCs will be established according to size and scope of each federation’s participation. Once NFs have remitted the participation fees to IFMA, they will be granted access to register their participants to the online platform to take part in the Continental & World level VCs. It is then up to each NF whether they will charge each participant that they register.
  • Formalisation of the IFMA Universal Education programme which will include Khan, Coach, R&J, pad master education and certification. Courses will be delivered online and tailored to each region and/or country in collaboration with the relevant NOC.

Over 40,000 youth athletes are expected to participate in this event which also includes educational and social initiatives and expect and even bigger announcement in the weeks to come.

Muaythai connects through the 5 pillars of Respect, Honour, Tradition, Excellence & Fair Play. Now more than ever, they will shine.