Ancient Olympia, Greece – June 8th – In a historic and momentous event, the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) held its world conference at the esteemed International Olympic Academy (IOA), adjacent to the archaeological site where the Olympic Games were born. This prestigious location, renowned for its dedication to promoting Olympism as a way of life, served as the perfect backdrop for IFMA’s leadership to convene and celebrate the values and heritage shared between Muaythai and the Olympic movement.

Led by IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, the conference brought together presidents of over 100 national federations during the 2024 IFMA Senior World Championships in Greece. The gathering marked a significant milestone in IFMA’s journey, highlighting its commitment to fostering peace, unity, and the spirit of Olympism through the ancient martial art of Muaythai.

Mr. Spyridon Zannias, Vice President of the Olympic Academy, graciously welcomed the IFMA family, expressing his honor in hosting the delegation. He emphasized the alignment of IFMA’s mission with the Olympic philosophy of promoting peace in society. “Welcoming the IFMA delegation in its mission and vision towards peace in society is much in line with the Olympic philosophy,” stated Mr. Zannias.

A highlight of the conference was the keynote address by Professor Christos Kollias, who delivered an inspiring presentation on “From Ancient Greece to the Berlin Olympics.” His talk was a captivating blend of history, information, and thought-provoking insights, resonating deeply with the attendees and reinforcing the timeless values of the Olympic spirit.

In a gesture of appreciation and camaraderie, the IFMA leadership presented special gifts and tokens to Mr. Spyridon Zannias and Professor Christos Kollias. These tokens, symbolizing the strong bond between Muaythai and the Olympic movement, were warmly received and celebrated as a testament to the shared vision and collaborative spirit of both organizations.

Throughout the conference, the IFMA family engaged in profound discussions about the reciprocal benefits between the Olympic family and Muaythai. The conversations underscored the importance of Olympic values in enhancing the global appeal and integrity of Muaythai, while also highlighting the unique cultural and ethical contributions that Muaythai brings to the Olympic community.

Critical discussions focused on the future of Muaythai and IFMA’s role as the sole recognized international federation for the sport within the Olympic framework. These dialogues were pivotal in shaping the strategic direction of Muaythai on the global stage, ensuring its growth and sustainability in alignment with Olympic ideals.

“This conference has been an extraordinary moment for IFMA,” said Dr. Tapsuwan. “Gathering at the birthplace of the Olympic Games, we have strengthened our resolve to uphold the values of Olympism and to promote Muaythai as a sport that embodies respect, honor, and unity.”

The 2024 IFMA world conference at the International Olympic Academy will be remembered as a landmark event, solidifying the bond between Muaythai and the Olympic movement. It stands as a testament to the shared vision of using sport as a powerful force for good, fostering peace, and bridging cultures worldwide.