Early morning of the third day of the Convention started with putting the gloves on in cool Gold Coast and the muaythai session started with the warm up conducted by IFMA Chair of the Athletes’ Commission Janice Lyn, gold medalist of the Arafura Games 2019 Yolanda Schmidt, and the muaythai legend John Wayne Parr.

More than 100 people arrived to the pool area of the Star hotel and if for some it was a first meeting with muaythai, for many it was a continuation of their annual workout at the SportAccord Convention.

The atmosphere got warmer long before the sunrise as stretching was followed by the shadow fight and pad work. This year the ARISF President Mr. Rafaelle Chiulli was already showing example to the newcomers after he gained some skills in Bangkok at the last year Good Morning Bangkok session.

The Pee Muay musicians pushed the participants for faster kicks and punches and the young demonstration team of two kids made a great performance of one of IFMA’s disciplines Muay Boran to motivate participants for the next year session.


A special ceremony was made by the Buddhist monks to give blessing to all participants for luck and success in all future plans with new muaythai practitioners fully immersing in the traditions of the sport.

Another great meetings of IFMA friends and muaythai lovers finished with a lot of smiles and energy injection from the muaythai champions. IFMA is looking forward to the following meeting in Beijing to celebrate friendship through muaythai.