If you were to think of a country with the highest number of World Champions then Russia would immediately emerge as the obvious team. 

7 current world champions in male and female divisions represent Russia, in Europe the numbers are just as impressive. In modern times the balance of power in muaythai is spread across continents and in Europe, Russian athletes are one of the players dominating the Muaythai stage.

Next week Muaythai enthusiasts around the world will have a chance to enjoy bouts of top level Muaythai where Russian athletes will compete for qualification for the upcoming IFMA events. The beautiful seaside of Sochi will host the event and IFMA will go live on its Facebook page to give the first hand experience to all the followers. 

The Technical Director of the Championships Mr. Sergey Kuimov said that extra measures will be taken to provide safety and social distancing at the event. All is ready for the championships to start and we are looking forward to welcoming athletes from all around Russia.

20-24 October stay tuned to IFMA and miss no kicks and elbows from Sochi!

From left to right: Sports Director of the Russian Muaythai Federation, Tatyana Yefimova, Director of the Muaythai Federation of Krasnoyarsk Region Aleksandr Shkarobeinikov, Technical Director of the Russian Muaythai Federation Sergey Kuimov