Youth is the centre of IFMA’s mission and vision and since 2013 IFMA has made the Youth World Championships as a stand-alone event separated from the seniors. This has enabled IFMA to focus entirely on the youth and the future of IFMA.


It is today’s mission and vision to continue building youth practitioners in the right traditions and values. IFMA also gives continued importance in building youth leaders who volunteer their time in making positive differences in their communities.


Throughout the event, the youth are engaged with activities that enhance their insight on global issues, and in the build-up, programmes are designed to create awareness for endangered species. IFMA shares close cooperation with organisations such as UNWomen, UNESCO and Peace & Sport. Cultural exchange is highly fostered within IFMA and our youth continue to understand their differences but also their similarities.


IFMA will continue its unified efforts to engage the youth far beyond the field of play, and will continue to meet its social responsibility as the recognised world federation governing the art and sport of muaythai, without prejudice to the competitive or social level of all our youth involved.


The slogan and theme for the 2017 Youth World Championships is “Reach for the Stars”, and we are pleased to unveil the official event logo!