IFMA has truly gone the distance in ensuring access to sport for people across genders, religion, ethnicity and beliefs. Unity in diversity has been a theme of many IFMA events with the participants from each delegation competing and building friendships, which has made its contribution to building a better tomorrow.

One of the most notable achievements IFMA made in recent years was a 1:1 ratio of women to men in the Elite division at the 2018 World Championships in Cancun, Mexico.

Over 20000 athletes participated in the qualification events to book their ticket to Cancun and finally the official statistics of the event showed:

112 female athletes (Elite Division)

– 6 female coaches

– 9 female referees

which was the highest number of female athletes and officials hat an IFMA event ever had.

In 2019 IFMA kept up the momentum bringing 124 female athletes (Elite division) with 45 athletes in Under 23 female athletes. Total of 169 female athletes. 

An increase of 57 female athletes. A staggering 51% increase in total female athletes.

– 9 female coaches (67% increase in female coaches)

– 15 female referees (60% increase in female referees)


Because of this success IWGA has given IFMA one more weight division a total of 12  6 female and six male.

IFMA Executive Committee Member and the Chair of IFMA Gender Equality Commission , President of Oceania Muaythai Ms. Sue Glassey said that this was a truly impressive achievement, as she remembers back to her own career as an athletes, when there were hardly any opponents in the female divisions.


Today IFMA is proud to have full female teams from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Kazakhstan and many more. 


Elisa Salinas Chair of IFMA Youth Commission and President of Pan American Muaythai Federation stated that in order to work for the future you must build the youth and this is the secret of IFMA. 

IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan said that  IFMA  success is in the family tree working together as one for the overall benefit of the IFMA Family.