More than 100 referees from all over the world joined the first technical official briefing on the IFMA Virtual World Championships 2020. 

The future is here as physical presence is no longer required for events to happen and this has been a truly exciting experience having a full meeting with participants across the planet.

The IFMA Virtual World Championships 2020 keeps changing the Muaythai world and so many beginning referees now have a chance to be part of one big international event. 

IFMA International Technical Official Mr. Gunter Plank e-greeted all the participants and thanked them for their commitment towards the event. The history will be made this October and you will be the ones writing it. 

Online registration, scoring, and breaking down the steps of running the event have been parts of the agenda, and so many new names from IFMA member federations have been present on the call who are starting their career as the IFMA referee. 

With one month away from the event IFMA is proud to give opportunity to athletes and officials, a chance which they normally do not have, to become part of a global event only possible in a virtual format.