A special press conference was held and chaired by IFMA President Dr  Sakchye Tapsuan accompanied by IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox  outlining IFMA’s strong stance, duty and responsibility towards the protection of their youth at all levels.

The IFMA General Secretary who is also the Vice President of GAISF made a heartfelt presentation regarding IFMA’s zero tolerance towards professional child fighting in Thailand and repeated their appeal to the Royal Thai Government to launch a protection law in line with the IFMA rules and regulations for competition, health and safety. The IFMA General Secretary clearly emphasised IFMA’s philosophy and vision to put the youth and athletes at the centre of their work.

IFMA President Dr Sakchye outlined their policies of safeguarding and child protection with mechanisms in place on all levels to ensure the healthy and protected development of the IFMA youth.

IFMA Sport Director Mrs Charissa Tynan stated clearly “The alliances IFMA has formed in the past with their resources together with the IOC, GAISF and the supportive partnerships with UN Women, Right to Play, Unesco, Generation for Peace, Peace and Sport as well as certainly, United Through Sports all benefit IFMA’s most important asset, our youth and ultimately our future.”

The Chair of IFMA’s Youth Commission Elisa Salinas stated “IFMA will take strict action against any personnel or collective which breaches in any respect this philosophy. We have an obligation larger than ourselves to ensure the well being of our youth.”

IFMA is working to ensure that for 2019, the fundamental rights of IFMA youth regardless of gender, race or ability is protected. Ensuring the youth are aware of their rights as much as their responsibilities is key, and safeguarding healthy development is a fundamental right of participating in sport.