Mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodin welcomes Joachim Gossow, CEO The World Games, Max Bishop VP and Jonathan Porter, chair of the board to Birmingham USA muaythai the world games
Mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodfin welcomes Joachim Gossow, CEO The World Games, Max Bishop VP and Jonathan Porter, chair of the board to Birmingham USA

The muaythai community is delighted to be part of the planning meetings this week for The World Games 2021 in Alabama USA. Competition managers from all sports have gathered for a two-day session to focus on the details of the tournament, and of course visit the beautiful city of Birmingham.

The World Games 2021 will be the second games for muaythai as a full medal sport. With great memories of Wroclaw in 2017 to inspire us, it’s sure to be an exciting two years as all the details are worked out.

The mayor Birmingham Randall Woodfin welcomed all competition managers and  senior members of The World Games IWGA board. In attendance are CEO Joachim Gossow, vice-president Max Bishop and others. Jonathan Porter, chair of the local organising committee board is also on hand to answer any queries the International Federations may have.

Mayor Woodfin spoke at the opening meeting yesterday, saying the city and he himself are ready and willing to do anything possible to make The World Games a success.

IFMA Technical Delegate Dmitry Putilin (above)  is the Competition Manager again for muaythai at The World Games. An experienced event organiser, his role is to ensure the muaythai arena is suitable for competition and that all IFMA and TWG safety standards are adhered to on the field of play.

Yesterday he visited the Historic Boutwell Auditorium which will be a key venue for muaythai during the 2021 tournament. All competition mangers toured the city, visiting the venues and sites including acceditation and accommodation for example.

Mr Putilin said it was exciting to visit the city and see where the muaythai athletes will compete. He said he is very happy with the detailed thought and planning going into how the athletes will be looked after, and the muaythai world can be confident of a successful event to come.

In the same way as The World Games 2017, amateur muaythai athletes will have to qualify for a place in Birmingham. Athletes who qualify during the two year qualification period must commit to attending and keeping their place.

The first qualification event takes place in Australia next year as part of The Arafura Games 2019.

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