IFMA is a one of 95 GAISF full members joining the world of recognised sports in 2006. This achievement marked opportunities muaythai athletes have never had before; Muaythai has been featured at the SportAccord Combat Games, World Games, Asian Games, Indoor and Martial Arts Games and many more multi-sport games where IFMA athletes could shine and reveal the art and sport of muaythai.

.SPORT initiative is a community-based internet extension brought by GAISF and is only available to legitimate bodies which are members of GAISF. 

In the crowded and complex world of the internet, the use of .sport gives a greater degree of distinctiveness, visibility and searchability and, because of the criteria applied by GAISF, confers approval and membership of, and commitment to, the sport community.

• Acceptance and trust – .sport underscores membership of the global sports eco-system

• Authenticity – Resulting from fair scrutiny of applicants

• Visibility – value of .sport on search engines

IFMA is truly proud to join the .sport community and support the integrity of the sports movement, rules of fair play and respect to the GAISF members.