The 5 pillars of IFMA and Muaythai is based on respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence. We expect our athletes that they are to the highest ethical standard and IFMA leadership must lead by example. Good governance is the key in the IFMA family and transparency must be shown in all decision making process regardless if it’s in the field of play for our athletes and officials, or in the executive board in bidding processes for IFMA major events.

Regular meetings will be held between the bidding cities, the executive board and the bidding committee to ensure that the road of ethics are held, the tender process is followed and there are no conflict of interests. Fair competition is expected from our athletes and we expect that also from our bidding cities.

Meeting 1

IFMA hosts many important events and we are proud that every event, regardless 2011 World Championship in Uzbekistan, the 2012 world Championship in St. Petersburg, the 2014 World Championship in Malaysia and 2015 Royal World Cup in Bangkok, all events have left a legacy behind. The regular commission meetings, especially for bidding process, are the important part of IFMA selection process.

Meeting 2