Mr. Oscar Perez receiving the Best Host Award at the IFMA Award Night

The World Muaythai Championships 2019 have been a great event for many reasons. Many sensational results at the field of play and events which have become an integral part of IFMA like youth conference, athletes’ meetings, charity events, and of course award night where the outstanding are honoured for their achievements.
One of the brightest moments of last year was the historical World Championships held by the Mexican Muaythai Federation in one of the world’s desired destinations Cancun. The President of the Pan American Muaythai Federation and the Mexican Muaythai Federation Ms. Elisa Salinas truly wrote IFMA history bringing the Muaythai world to Mexico which became the first World Championships ever held in the American continent.
It was a stunning experience for every participant and regardless win or lose the venue and athletes village kept everyone happy that they belong to their national team which allowed them to broaden their horizons and learn new cultures through sport.
Mexican Muaythai Federation was awarded the Best Host Award and the thunderous applause only confirmed the right choiсe for the holder of the plaque of appreciation given to Mexico.