102 countries, over 2000 athletes, delegates and officials said “Thank You” to the Kingdom of Thailand and its Royal Family for graciously donating the 4 trophies of the Royal World Cup, to the Amatuer Muaythai Assocaition of Thailand for hosting the event, and to IFMA for being IFMA, where everyone feels a part of a family.


The closing ceremony was the end of an outstanding championship. It was a touching moment when the Department of Physical Education and the City of Bangkok handed over the IFMA Flag to the Minister of Tourisn & Sport who then passed on the flag to IFMA President’s Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan who finally handed it over to the Government of Sweden and Mayor of Jönköping, host city of the 2016 FIMA World Championships.


Thank you Bangkok, Kob Khun Thailand and Hallå Sweden!!