Over 20,000 spectators turned up to watch the 2010 IFMA World Championship Finals.

The VIP section was packed with representatives of national sport authorities, the Olympic movement and the Royal Thai government.

After 8 days of hard competition, it was Thailand to win back the trophy for Best Team after having lost it on 2009 to Belarus. Ukraine was a very close second.

The winning female team was Belarus, closely followed by Morocco.

Russia won the trophy for best junior male team while Turkey took the win for best female junior team.

Other trophies rewarded were as follows:

Best Boxer Male – Sonsiri Rathrong (Thailand)

Best Boxer Female – Vandayeva Katsiaryna (Belarus)

Best Wai Kru Male – Sattra Paleenaram (Thailand)

Best Wai Kru Female – Naranjo Ferandez Eva Maria – Spain

Best Prospect Junior Male – Scott Caley (USA)

Best Prospect Junior Female – Yildirim Seda (Turkey)


Uzbekistan has won the bid to host the next IFMA World Championships in 2011 and the world is looking forward to travel to Tashkent for the nest round of exciting bouts!