In a moving ceremony, representatives from over 20 IFMA countries joined together to visit  ‘Skovronya Dura’ cemetery during The World Games 2017.

In the spirit of peace and sport, the athletes and officials laid wreaths in commemoration of over 7,000 soldiers who died in fighting around Wrocław city  during World War Two.

IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox, originally from Germany made a speech discussing the power of sport to bring nations together in harmony. Dmitry Putilin, head of the Russian muaythai Federation talked about the impact of war on the young men and women affected.

Stephan Fox, IFMA general secretary and Dmitry Putilin, head of the Russian Federation and Technical Delegate for The World Games 2017 pay their respects.

It was a sombre, thought- provoking moment in the midst of the huge festival of sports celebrated in Wrocław for the last two weeks. Athletes from countries in strife laid troubles aside and competed together in unity and friendship.

IFMA’s Stephan Fox and Dmitry Putilin pay their respects with other Federation heads.

In marking this these young men, IFMA continues its tradition inspired by working with Peace and Sport. It’s hoped that by marking these terrible tragedies and waste of young life that in future we can work towards better harmony among nations through sport.