IWGA was founded in 1980 with the principle aim to develop the popularity of the member federation in sports to improve their prominence in a world class event but at the same time ensure that traditional values of each sport would be conserved and promoted. 

What started with 12 members evolved to 37 international sport federations. Since day 1 the relationships with the IOC were key and in order to become a member of IWGA you have to be a member of GAISF. IWGA is fully recognized by the IOC sharing the same values, and the year 2000 an MoU was signed, and as IWGA developed a stronger one was signed in 2016 to be in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020. 

The World Games are under full patronage of the IOC to promote IWGA within the Olympic movement and credibility for the IWGA members. IFMA and muaythai is proud member of IWGA and a full medal sport in the World Games. Since day 1 there was a strong relationships and it was than that IWGA President, Ron Froelich travelling to Bangkok for a special ceremony hosted by IFMA in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee of Thailand that IFMA applied for the IWGA membership. 

In 2014 the IWGA General Assembly accepted muaythai and IFMA as an official member and presented the IWGA flag to the IFMA Family. 

At the same General Assembly IOC member Mr. Jose Perurena was elected as the new President of World Games and it was in 2015 that IFMA has become a full medal sport at the World Games and joined the World Games in 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. 

In 2015 IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox was elected into the GAISF Council in which both President of IWGA and the IFMA General Secretary serve the wider sport community. 

In 2017 muaythai made their impact at the World Games and have been a very popular sport in the Games, and to show the popularity it was IFMA World Champion and the World Games winner Sofia Olofsson being crowned the Athlete of the Year award at the IWGA General Assembly 2017 in Denmark. 

Today IFMA is proud to be part of the IWGA Family and IFMA President Tapsuwan sent his well wishes to the IWGA President and also congratulating IWGA on their important decision to postpone the World Games 2021 by one year which will be no doubt one of the most outstanding editions. 

Congratulations to The World Games, the Executive Committee, President Perurena, and former President Ron Froelich who set the foundation giving the athletes opportunities and dreams.

Thank you IWGA! 


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