In honour of April 6th as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the IFMA Community came together to voice their support for solidarity within the world sport community to recognise the transformative power of sport towards positive change. 

It is an entire range of actions designed to build a culture of peace. At the core of any peacebuilding action lies the human aspect. When people acknowledge the humanity of others and their relational inter-connectedness and mutuality, a culture of peace is forged.

The #WhiteCard is a worldwide digital campaign created by Peace and Sport that promotes the positive and constructive values of sport. Every year the #WhiteCard campaign reaches millions of people across social media.

Over the course of the day, we are seeing a huge wave of posts on social media from the global IFMA community from executives, to officials, to athletes to coaches, all united as one with the message of peace, unity and solidarity as we continue to navigate the harsh reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. Together, we will come out stronger!