In a recent meeting of the IFMA Ad-Hoc Management Committee permeated with ambition and thoughtful considerations, the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) cast a momentous decision. The IFMA Ad Hoc Management Committee, with a vision to empower their commissions, approved the appointment of esteemed Dr. Ittipon Gunnarat as Vice Chair of the Medical Commission. Dr. Gunnarat’s pioneering work in addressing head and spine trauma stands as a beacon of progress in the medical universe, particularly within the high-stakes realm of Muaythai. His innovative research and compassionate commitment to athlete welfare promise to elevate IFMA’s health and safety protocols to unprecedented heights, mirroring the organization’s commitment to excellence.

Simultaneously, the Ethics Commission welcomed a new leader, James Tucker, as its Chair. Known for his resolute integrity and exemplary leadership, Tucker’s appointment heralds a strengthened ethos for IFMA. His influential work in safeguarding education and ethical standards training for stakeholders has fortified the federation’s moral framework. With Tucker’s guidance, the commission is set to diligently uphold the spirit of fair play and the responsibility central to IFMA’s operations.

Together, these new appointments signify a forward leap for IFMA, ensuring not only the physical well-being of its athletes but also nurturing the ethical core that is essential for the sport’s integrity and future.

Welcome, James Tucker, the new Chair of the Ethics Commission and also Vice Chair of the Medical Commission, Dr. Gunnarat.