The European Muaythai Championships concluded in Minsk giving the world names of European Champions 2019. Over the 6 competition days the Europe’s best Muaythai athletes competed for medals, and it was a true demonstration of skills, spirit, excellent physical shape which spectators saw in the Minsk Palace of Sport.

Dzimitry Valent proved again that there is no better school than the old school as he gained the upper hand in the bout against Andreas Gardasevic (SWE). It was an intensive bout where Dzimitry was pushed forward by the crowd cheering for every punch and kick of the famous Belarusian. For Andreas it was a test which he passed with honour as the second round could be the last one of the final in 86 kg division. The Swede found strength to get back for the last 3 minutes and rightfully won the silver medal of the European Championships.

Three gold medals out of three IFMA events is the current score for the leader of the French team Jimmy Vienot.
It was the semifinal bout which Belarus spectators described as the rematch of they year when Vital Hurkou was challenging Jimmy for the final of the last year European Championships. Vital made his conclusions after Prague and went much stronger against the Frenchman.

After the second round the score between France and Belarus was even but Jimmy found his internal reserves to steal the victory from Vital disappointing the local crowd.

In the final Jimmy was taking an exam from Denis Kolotygin (RUS) who on his first event got to the final having his third fight at the event. Jimmy made his plan clear right away taking control of the fight and ending it in the confident win. Third gold in a row and seems like the 75 kg division will belong to the French team for a while.

Another Muaythai idol from Belarus Andrey Kulebin stepped in the ring with the cheer of more than a thousand voices chanting his name as he was going for the gold medal of the European Championships. The crowd would not accept any other result from the legendary Belarus than gold and Andrey met their expectations to the fullest. Young Dmitry Changelia passed through three opponents to get to the final and had to show the best he had after three days of competition and everyday weight control.
Andrey got to action right away with his heavy kicks leaving his opponent little chance for defense. Dmitry was moving a lot looking for his chance to counter and had few good opportunities with his punches but Andrey would double his pressure after any attempts of the Russian to swing control of the bout to his side.
Andrey Kulebin again shows that he is first among equal and the gold medal in 71 kg division is staying in Belarus.
The final bouts truly showed that IFMA events attract worlds class athletes and competition in the Elite divisions see the brightest athletes of the Modern Muaythai.