Part of the success of organising a great event is not only the event itself, but also the legacy it leaves behind. Sustainability is an important point on the IOC Agenda 2020. Muaythai which is striving for IOC recognition, has made this a key criteria for the organisation of its events.  


This year’s IFMA Awards recognised the efforts of IFMA’s event organisers towards sustainability initiatives to ensure that in the aftermath of a mega event, the smallest carbon footprint is left behind. The nominees for Best at Sustainability in Championships included Malaysia, Poland, Russia and Thailand.

Presenting the award was a true gentleman with Olympic spirit, IOC Member Dr. Nat Indrapana. Upon opening the envelope, Malaysia was announced as the winner. Muhd. Shahnaz Azmi President of the Malaysian Muaythai Association graciously accepted the award.

After a warm acceptance speech reaffirming the importance of creating sustainable events, Dato Shah was asked to remain on stage for a special presentation of a recognition plaque to the Malaysian Government and the Muaythai Muaythai Association for the outstanding 2014 IFMA World Championships event that was organised on one of the beautiful locations of the world, Langkawi, Malaysia. Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, President of IFMA, Vice Presidents Mr Yeo Kyu Tae and Ms. Sue Latta and a representative of the Athlete’s Commission were on hand to present the special token of appreciation.