Itay Guyer and his coach Roi Haizler were guests of the morning show at the Israel National Sports Channel 5 where they shared their emotions from winning gold medal at the European Muaythai Championships and importantly the spot at the World Games 2017 which will kick off in less than a year in Wroclaw, Poland.

Itay Guyer, 63.5 kg made a stunning performance winning strong athletes from Belarus in the final bout and bringing Israel the second spot for the World Games. Nili Block was the pioneer for the Israeli team in Sweden, whereas Itay demonstrated his excellence in the beautiful Croatia.


At the interview Roi said that Itay is the first male muaythai athlete in Israel winning gold medal at the European Championships, and qualification for the World Games is equal to getting to the Olympic games for him as it only happens once in four years.

Combat Sports Coordinator for the Federation for non Olympic Sports in Israel Mr. Eli Laor visited Split to see the strength of Israeli muaythai and the reason whi this sport is loved by so many in Israel. He also made friends with official mascots of the Word Games 2017 Hansel and Gretel who attended the European Championships as World Games ambassadors.2510-croatia-emf-hg-w-israel-israel

Both Nili and Itay will be the heroes of their country next year when they step in the ring at the World Games 2017.

IFMA congratulates Itay and wishes him to be the best he can be in Wroclaw.