The representative of the athlete’s commission, Janice Lyn from Canada, visited IFMA office to coordinate with the IFMA team regarding the various joint meetings of the athlete commission during the IFMA World Championship in Sweden. Janice will be the coordinator for the joint meetings as in IFMA tradition, a commission member who does not participate in the championship will always get this task.

Many joint meetings will be held with the youth commission, ethics commission, athletes’ commission, medical commission, social responsibility and certainly with the IFMA Executive Board. IFMA Sports Director, Charissa Tynan, stated that the heart of all IFMA competitions are the athletes. The involvement of athletes in all IFMA decision making process is the essence. Janice said that being part of IFMA is being part of a family. Everyone has an important place but the cooperation of all is the overall success and the athletes will continue to promote and foster the pillars of Muaythai and the cooperation, knowledge and experience sharing with all the other stakeholders is the only way of progress. The IFMA family will always strive for continuous development.

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