Poland, which is the host of the World Games 2017 taking place a year from now, held its qualifier for the Youth World Championships which will take place in Bangkok from 24 August till 1 September.The World Games 2017 – Wroclaw gave the event its patronage again showing that muaythai is one of the firm partners of IWGA. To make sure that everyone could enjoy muaythai matches organisers decided for the first time to organise an outdoor championship which turned out to be a big success.

Mayor of the host city Zary, Ms. Danuta Madej opened the event together with the President of the Polish Muaythai Federation and IFMA Vice President, Mr. Rafal Szlachta. The special guest of the event was the Polish Champion Tomasz Makowski who urged all the participants to chase their dreams in sport and be a model for their peers. 13507283_1724559241151825_2372338121638209187_n

The Championship attracted young athletes from all around Poland as the first prize promised them an opportunity to go to Bangkok and be a part of a big international event which is the IFMA Youth Championships and meet their peers from all over the world, enjoy the atmosphere of motherland of the sport and feel what it means to represent their country at the international level.


Rafal Szlachta said that it’s an honour to organise an event for the youth as today’s young boys and girls will be stars of tomorrow’s sport. We are happy and thankful to the City Hall of the Zary Town, the city library and many others who made sure that the Polish youth could enjoy the competition to the fullest and for the winners it is only the beginning of their sports journey with the next destination being Thailand.