Honduras is one of the fastest growing countries in muaythai. Their first experience on the highest level began this year at the World Championships in Minsk, and the performance of Honduras team truly inspired kids all around the country to start training muaythai and step on the way of the champions.

One of the aims for IFMA is to educate the youth through sport. IFMA’s cooperation with UNESCO became a powerful tool to bring this knowledge to the kids, provide their social inclusion, and give them opportunity to excel through sport. Honduras is a country where IFMA/UNESCO cooperation started to bear its best fruits, and IFMA will continue developing this success bringing ever more kids to sport.

Sport Is Your Gang Honduras is one of the ways muaythai can support the youth and establish the reference point for them on the way to success in life. Muaythai has proven to unite people and nations, give athletes identity and solidarity but foremost build friendship and peace.