Yodsaenklai makes history in becoming the first ever Contender Asia Champion.

Asia has been taken by a storm, with the Muaythai reality series Contender Asia, which has been hailed as a huge success. For 15 weeks, millions and millions of people have been waiting week after week, for the heartfelt stories of 16 outstanding Muaythai ambassadors and wondering who will be the one to have to leave the loft next.

The audience has fallen in love with Muaythai, because of the values and traditions of this art and sport, and the friendship and respect the fighters have for one another.

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In the end it came down to the last two, John Wayne Parr versus Yodsaenklai.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium was filled with excitement.

The audience had the chance to vote the most popular fighters back.

The first fight was between Sean Wright and Soren Mongkontong. Sean had beaten James Martinez from the USA and Joakim Karlsson from Sweden, but then had to leave the loft courtesy of Yodsaenklai. Soren from Australia had sent Alain Sylvestre from Canada packing and then had to leave the house by a stunning knockout produced by Dzhabar.

Both fighters really went to work as they wanted to show the world one more time that they are world class fighters, and in the end Soren proved to be the stronger one.

Next up was Zach, the local boy from Singapore, who had to leave the loft as he dislocated his shoulder in the fight against Zidov. The world wanted to see the rematch and what a fight it was. Zach, with the support of 8000 Singaporeans, went to work with all guns blazing, stopping Zidov, the funny man of the house, 30 seconds before the end of round 5. A great victory for the Singaporean.

Next up was the grudge match between Dzhabar Askerov, from United Arab Emirates and Rafik Bakkouri, the Parisian warrior. This fight had a great hype, as Dzhabar had beat David Pacquette from England in one of the most spectacular fights of the series, who left the loft in silence. He then went on to knock out Soren cold with a blow that had Soren airbourne after which he had his epic battle with John Wayne Parr, which he lost on a split decision. Rafik, the Wild Boar team Captain, who had to leave the loft in a fight, which only can be described as the war of the wars, against John Wayne Parr. This fight was another great display for Muaythai, with Dzhabar taking a point decision.

Then it came time for the fight that everyone had been waiting for. The house went crazy as John Wayne Parr and Yodsaenklai entered the stadium. No one was sitting on their seat – The Voices Mark Schiavello and Mark the Hammer Castagini were on hand as commentators of the show, Jamyne Ong, the host and her Co Host and mentor of the show, Stephan Fox were all standing on the ring applauding them in.

The final, for the last $250,000 of the $500,000 Singapore dollar prize pool was about to begin. The stadium was so fuelled with excitement that a lit match would have exploded the arena!


The worldwide audience, which will be in the 300 millions, most definitely got there money’s worth, the two finalists battled for their lives through 5 rounds of pure adrenaline, spectacular Muaythai weaponry and a heartfelt display of will by John Wayne Parr. JWP’s never die attitude stood toe to toe with Yodsaenklai’s sheer wrecking power and in the end, it was Yodsaenklai who became the first Contender Champion.



With no doubt Contender Asia has taken the world by storm.

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The world is now in full anticipation for Contender Season 2 and to see more of what the world of Muaythai has to offer. Let’s just hope the makers don’t let us wait too long!