Muaythai Bund Deutschland, under the presidency of Detlef Türnau, successfully implemented and launched the social project “Do Muaythai Not Drugs” in 2014.

Licensed Muaythai Trainers worked together with Schools, youth services, health insurances, financial institutions, social workers, the police and other supporters in the social project.

Using Muaythai as an instrument to bring together children and young people, they are able to show them how to live a peaceful life and to support each other. They also want to help children from marginalized backgrounds and to structure their lives.

On the 9th of September in 2014, the first campaign of “Muaythai Against Drugs” launched in Germany, in cooperation with a comprehensive school in Grevenbroich. From day one, there was an extremely positive feedback on the “DO Muaythai NOT Drugs” Project. The pupils and other children learned about self-defense, prevention of violence and were encouraged to say no to drugs.

The pilot project was organized and managed by Muaythai Bund Deutschland, MTBD President Detlef Türnau and the police Chief Inspector of Grevenbroich, Wilfried Junker.
Meanwhile, the project has evolved and over 26 licensed Muaythai trainers help to popularize “Do Muaythai Not Drugs” throughout Germany.

We hope that the “Do Muaythai Not Drugs” will grow further and will be able to attract young people all over the country to teach them the values of Muaythai and to create a peaceful future for all communities involved.