3108 Funfair 4A fun fair was organised for all the youth participating in the IFMA Youth World Championship, with over 20 different games. And so the kids had a chance to play against each other in a fun way.

Some sports from the AIMS family were included like Darts, where Australia and Uzbekistan went head to head. This followed the earlier Sepak Takraw contest which saw Malaysia and Thailand playing across the net.

The fun fair also featured an exciting Balloon Shooting booth with bright pink balloons – a battle between USA and Russia had the kids and the crowd cheering. There was ice cream, cotton candy and many other sweet treats normally considered ‘out of bounds’ for these young athletes. It was a carnival atmosphere, all part of the cultural square of the IFMA YWC 2016.

Director for Social Responsibility, Abigail Pamei stated that “Besides the competition, it is vital that fun and cultural exchange is promoted at every level. This evening really showed that regardless of how diverse our athletes and participants are, together they are as one; following our theme of One World One Muaythai.”