The muaythai venue was packed to the last seat with standing room only, and the VIP section visited by many honoured guests from the various Asian NOCs. It was the quarterfinals for some divisions, and in the 54 KG division, it was Thailand booking their place in the semis with a win over Malaysia while Korea beat Kazakhstan.In the 57KG division, Kazakhstan beat Turkmenistan and Korea beat Kyrgyzstan. In the 60KG division Iraq took the win over Kyrgyzstan while Vietnam to the delight of the crowd beat Iran.

In the 63.5 KG division Iraq beat Tajikistan, Thailand beat Korea and Iran beat Uzbekistan. Then in the 67KG division Iraq showed once again that muaythai is truly an international sport when they sent the Thai champion packing.

In Ring B in the 54KG division Hong Kong booked their place in the semis with a win over Iraq, the Philippines beat Uzbekistan, Vietnam beat Malaysia. In the 57KG division Thailand beat Iran, while China beat Jordan and Vietnam with the help of an enthusiastic crowd beat Kazakhstan, Philippines beat Uzbekistan. In the 67KG division China beat Chinese Taipei and Kazakhstan in another split decision beat Turkmenistan.

Another fantastic day for muaythai, with the next highly anticipated round starting tomorrow.