With the spirit of the 2016 Olympic Games burning inside them, Team Brazil boarded their plane to the IFMA Youth World Championships of 2016. With the entire Brazilian team watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, inspired by outstanding performances of athletes from around the world, the Brazilian Youth Team proudly took off from Rio de Janerio en route to Bangkok.Ingrid Jost, the president of the Brazilian National Federation, said that the motto of the Olympic Games was “Unity in Diversity”, which is also an important foundation of IFMA and the annual Youth World Championships. The Youth World Championship is a testimony of IFMA’s mission to youth and the power of sport for sporting and cultural exchange and understanding.

Brazil is proud to send a strong youth team and grassroots work is essential. Brazil is looking forward to be part of this important event and proud that for the last 3 weeks, Brazil was the center stage of the sporting world and for the next 10 days, Bangkok will be the center of the Muaythai Youth of the World.