Only two muaythai federations are truly recognized in the world. The WMC established by the Royal Thai Government to foster and promote the art of muaythai and IFMA the world amateur body for the sport and a member of GAISF, charged with taking muaythai into the Olympic movement.

The WMC and IFMA work very closely together and many high officials in the WMC also hold positions in IFMA ensuring that this is a marriage that will last forever. This is evident in the fact that muaythai, already a member of GAISF is included in many Games such as the Arafura, TAFISA World Sport for All, SEA and Indoor Asian Games. It is also already recognized by the OCA and is a member of WADA


The IFMA and WMC believe in closely monitoring the development of each fighter and has a very strict youth development program.

The result is remarkable with over 100 countries in the world working under the same rules and regulations. Many muaythai superstars have won medals in IFMA Championships before going on to become professional fighters with the WMC.

Fighters like Kychenko, Buakaw , Slowinski and hundreds more have worked their way up the amateur ranks to celebrity and super star status.

The WMC and IFMA will continue to work closely together strictly following the Olympic principle. We also will maintain the close monitoring and establishment of strict commissions such as medical and so on to ensure the safety of youth, female and male fighters.

Through this marriage, muaythai has become a real member of the world sport community sitting on the same table with all other world recognised sports.