Coaches from France are collaborating for the benefit of the athletes in preparation for the World Championships in Saint Petersburg, Russia, from September 5th to 13th. Athletes and coaches are leading by example to send a strong message of national unity for this important sporting event. The French National Institute of Sport (INSEP) has famously provided services for France’s elite athletes and sports in French sporting history.

The High Performance Director organized the Muaythai shortlisting and preparation phase from July 13th to 15th at INSEP, since it is such a symbolic place for elite sports, and because the date coincided with “July 14”, France’s national day. So it is fitting that France is working to send a unified team to Russia, for the sake of French Muay Thai.

Following the training at INSEP, the next phase will take place from the 19th-24th of August at the CDFAS in Eaubonne, where the selected French team will be reunited.

The following photos from INSEP show the excitement of the athletes, working in a healthy atmosphere, for the constructively growth of French Muaythai to the highest level.