March 8th is known as International Women’s Day, and French Muaythai will be celebrating March 9th with an incredible gala event, the “Clash of Legends.” The event will take take place on L’Île-Saint-Denis, in the north of Paris.

The gala organised under the sanctioning of the FMDA will feature the following bouts:

Gregory Choplin (France) VS Giul Silva (Portugal)
Yetkin Ozkul (France) vs Pokaew Pumphanmuang (Thailand)
Sekou Dembele (France) vs Armin Pumphanmuang (Thailand)
Mohamed Diaby (France) vs Teputsin Pumphanmuang (Thailand)
Ibrahim Chiahou (France) vs Karbouchi Bagdad (France)
Walid El ouali (France) vs Malik Senouci (France)

Lailla Akounad (France) vs Laurene Tue (UK)
Funda Diken (Turkey) vs Khalissa Houicha (France)
Saida Atmani (Algeria) vs Marija Malenica (Croatia)
Myriam Sabot (Italy) vs TBD