26th November saw the first event in the new Hungarian Amateur Muaythai series titled “Fight Night Hungary Amateur League”. This series of competition aims to offer more opportunities to fighters to improve their skill and experience level in the amateur ring, meeting up at regular events.

The league consists of open qualifying events, where the fighters accumulate scores, and then in the final the best 4 fighters of each class meet in an elimination tournament system, after which it is decided who has qualified to represent the country at future IFMA international competitions.

The first event was held in the town of Salgótarján, North of Hungary, close to the Slovakian border. Due to the icy roads some teams couldn’t arrive, but enough made it to the event so that there were 24 fights with fighters ranging from the age of 12 to 33.

The fights started at 11:30, and the first part ended at 16:30. The evening gala consisted of 7 amateur fights and 3 entertaining professional fights.

The organisers gush that it was a good start to the event series, and that they look forward to continue the series with the next event on 28th January 2012.