FBT has signed an agreement with IFMA as the first to become an IFMA approved equipment supplier, in a special press conference held at the FBT Complex.  The proprietor of FBT, Mr. Kamol Chokpaibulkit explained his happiness at being part of IFMA’s IOC recognition process.

As Thailand’s largest sporting goods company, FBT has been a strong supporter of many sports for years, as well as being a strong supporter of IFMA.

General Chetta Thanajaro, President of the World Muaythai Council, thanked FBT for their continuous support for the development of sports nationally and internationally.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan thanked FBT not only on behalf of IFMA, but also on behalf of the Thai national association.

The General Secretary of IFMA, Mr. Stephan Fox, thanked FBT for their financial support and also for  their support towards the IFMA World Championships in Russia.