The final two days of the European Muaythai Championships have left spectators breathless as Europe’s top class athletes were contesting the title of the best athlete of the year in different categories. 

Svetlana Vinnikova came back to the team after an injury and got back to her champion’s place.

The draw brought her to the final with one of her arch rivals Maria Valent (BLR) who had to perform in front of the full Palace of Sport. Svetlana celebrated her comeback with the gold medal and avenged for the final of her sister.

Svetlana stays undefeated and one of few athletes who could spoil the record of Nili Block (ISR) winning her at the World Games 2017.

Lukasz Radosz Becomes Europe’s best athlete

Vadim started active using his flexibility and famous Russian handwork. It took Lukasz half of the round to get used to the technique of his opponent when he started to deliver powerful knees which put the Russian into trouble. The first round was given to the Pole.

In the second round Lukasz found his advantage using his knees full power. This bout was never destined to finish in due time as the referee of the bout Eric Ecambi Kingue declared the end of the bout.

Great Last Bout of the European Championships 2019
The debutante of the European Championships Patrick Lisiecki (FRA) took on the Russian Ivan Petrnko on the final of the +91 category. Patrick made a sensational appearance as he won IFMA champion Buğra Tugay Erdoğan which made the Turkish team and the entire Palace of Sport silent as this was the last what the audience expected to see in this bout.
Patrick did not stop there and in the semi final his victim was IFMA champion Andrey Hersemchuk (BLR). He was very close to become the sensation of the event as after the second round with Ivan the score was 1:1. It was Russian winning the bout after the third round, and Patrick truly became one of the opening of the European Muaythai Championships 2019.