Coaches from over 30 European countries came together this week for a five-day workshop in a resort at the Black Sea in Bulgaria.
These were selected coaches gathering to share knowledge and contribute on important IFMA areas including gender equality and methods of conflict resolution. They also shared and developed ideas around social inclusion. The workshop was part of IFMA practice of youth development in muaythai sharing experience of different cultures and regions.

IFMA is in preparation for launching a tool kit with UNESCO to continue incorporating key concepts to build inclusive gyms within our IFMA family. This will help us continue to make muaythai accessible to everybody without any discrimination.


IFMA instructors must continue to act as mentors to young people joining the muaythai family.

IFMA Vice President Rafal Szlachta said that this five-day workshop is important and has been developed with the IFMA Youth and Education Commission. The course is also in line with the close cooperation IFMA has with UNESCO, UN Women, Peace and Sport, and also of course the IFMA iGLA education system.