Elisa Salinas needs no introduction in Pan-America. A successful businesswoman, TV producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and also one of the backbones of IFMA; Elisa is also the President of the Pan-Am Continental Muaythai Federation, an IFMA Vice President and also the President of the Mexican Muaythai Federation.

Giving back to people in need has always been important and the Sport Is your Gang Mexico Campaign, under the umbrella of IFMA has nearly 2000 kids engaged. Elisa is also one of the important spokespersons for IFMA’s cooperation with UN Women for Gender Equality; representing IFMA for many important meetings in these matters. An athlete at heart, she hits the Muaythai Gym more than 4 times a week to train with the kids, she stated that it was important to her to be with them.

Elisa states that IFMA and Muaythai have inspired her in so many ways, the social contribution IFMA makes towards society, the grassroots development and that IFMA is one big family. IFMA would like to congratulate Elisa on the election and for all her contributions on a personal level and also on the national level for Mexico, where Muaythai is growing from strength to strength.