It is with pride that IFMA announces a clean doping control record for the recent Youth World Championships held in Bangkok this August. With over 700 athletes in over 650 bouts, lab results reported via the ADAMs database  have been published today showing 100% negative results.

The doping test distribution plan and schedule for the event set by the IFMA Medical Commission was done in full compliance to the World Anti-Doping Agency code, and carried out by the WADA accredited laboratory in Thailand at the Sport Authority of Thailand.

The tests covered MLA tests for the non-routine hormone tests including blood samples.

The results are a testament to the IFMA’s commitment to protecting the clean athlete through stringent in and out of competition testing and educational programmes and activities. A popular athlete out-reach educational activity aimed particularly at the youth saw great success at the fun fair where kids had the chance to test their anti-doping knowledge to win a prize. In a more serious setting, the Youth Conference attended by all the IFMA youth participants gave the athletes a chance to listen to important information and facts on doping from IFMA’s Medical Commission Chair, Dr. Erdogan who engaged the youth with some classic cartoon slips from Popeye!

Nurturing the value of clean sport in our youth will no doubt ensure a cleaner and brighter future for the sport, as we again highlight the fact that doping offenders have no place in the IFMA family; but from the results of these championships, we can safely say our sport is safe.