Rajabhat University in cooperation with the royal Thai government opened a 3-year university course to earn its students a doctorate in the Philosophy of Muaythai. Muaythai as a whole, including Muay Boran and Krabee-Krabong is more than just a martial art. It is a science, culture and a very intelligent fighting form.

The history of Muaythai goes back over a thousand years and as the past is very important, so is the future. Taking Muaythai to an academic level has been in planning for many years. This plan is now in full reality as the first 15 participants are just completing their first year of study. The course will also be open in the near future for foreigners.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, General Secretary of the WMC, president of IFMA and former governer of the sport authority of Thailand who also holds a PhD in Physical Education and Sports Management, is one of the lecturers in this course. His deep understanding of sport and his experience in both national and international sport development makes him a natural choice. Stephan Fox, Vice President of WMC and General Secretary of IFMA was also one of the guest lecturers, bringing his expertise in his work of taking Muaythai towards international recognition.

Muaythai with no doubt has a great future both as a competition sport and as an art form. Inclusion in GAISF under IFMA has made Muaythai a member of the Olympic family. Muaythai has been included in the World Sports For All Games under patronage of the IOC.

The WMC, set up under the directive of the royal Thai government is at the forefront of making professional Muaythai safe and has over 130 member countries.

The doctor of philosophy in Muaythai will be a firm partner with a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical understanding of both the art and sport of Muaythai. The world is eagerly awaiting the graduation of the first 15 scholars who will earn a doctorate in the philosophy of Muaythai.