Day 4 of the 2023 Senior European Championships & Antalya International Open Cup was a power-packed event filled with high-spirited bouts and exemplary sportsmanship. A total of 26 bouts took place in the European Championships, and 32 bouts occurred in the Antalya Open Cup.

In the S Female Elite -57kg category, the Nordic countries claimed their stake in the final with Finland’s Miina Sirkeoja overcoming Individual Neutral Athlete, Daria Vidiagina. Likewise, Sweden’s Livia Malmborg Nygaard triumphed over Italy’s Chiara Maria Regonesi. The S Female Elite -51kg witnessed Poland’s Roksana Dargiel defeating neutral athlete Anna Safeeva, and Portugal’s Filipa Correia besting Hungary’s Zita Méhész.

The S Female Elite -63.5kg competition saw Turkish champion Bediha Tacyildiz secure a win against Czech champ Tereza Stechova, and France’s Léa Fouchier triumph over Ommi Mingsupp from Finland. In the S Male Elite -63.5kg, Hungary’s László István Kurdy continued his winning spree, beating Ali Aliyev from Azerbaijan, setting up a final match with neutral athlete Maksim Miasnikov.

In the S Male Elite -86kg category, neutral athlete Yakhia Ibragimov secured his spot in the final by defeating Boban Illioski from North Macedonia. His opponent in the final, the Swede Andreas Lilliecrona, had a first-round stoppage victory over Croatia’s Vito Kosar.

Meanwhile, the Antalya International Open Cup kicked off with Wai Kru competitions amongst the Turkish youth. This cultural discipline was followed by intense semi-final bouts where France, Turkiye, Lebanon, and Finland emerged victorious.

Concurrently, in the venue’s outer hall, the Thai Masters and Muay Boran demo team hosted a clinic for all interested participants, further enhancing the day’s athletic spirit.