What an exciting day of muaythai with the youngest athletes battling it out in two rings while their teenage peers faced each other in another two, and the crowds were treated to such high quality action it was hard to tell these were young athletes.

Among the standout teams today were Team USA sending through eight athletes from eight bouts to the next rounds. In Ring D two mini-dynamos fought each other to a standstll in the Age 10 38kg division when Yves Tabarangao faced Hungary’s Szilard Józsa in a close points battle – and the pattern continued with the American athletes keeping a clean sheet. This included defending champions Bekah Irwin and Tierra Brandt in the women’s divisions.

Other teams having success included The Philippines taking four wins from six bouts, and Moldova taking two wins. Iraq’s Ayad Albadr (below) was in action again, taking a win against Lebanon in a points win.

Afghanistan’s Mashal Islamzai continued his march onwards, but his team-mate Shir Hossain Azimi lost out in a tight 29-28 point bout against Iranian athlete Sattar Ghaderzadehhesar.

Turkey had mixed fortunes, taking four athletes onto the next division  – carried partially by the wall of noise which accompanies each bout. The Australian girls team had a great day, sending through six athletes to the next rounds including last year’s stars Skylah Hamill and Emily Curtain.

The huge Russian team also continues towards the finals, taking 19 wins. Three of those almost brought the roof down as supporters bid to out-play the musicians in 29-28 point crackers.

Ukraine also sent through five athletes, and of course Thailand with 81 on the team are filling up the divisions but today they were especially challenged in the girls’ divisions – losing out to Ireland in the 38kg and 48kg divisions, and to Australia at 36 and 60kgs.

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