Day 3 at the IFMA EMC2022: Gold Medal Day for 60 Juniors!

Day 3 of the IFMA European Championships was filled with energy, adrenaline and pure heart of the IFMA Youth at the Gazanfer Bilge Sports Hall, as 60 juniors contested for their places on the podium. From the Opening Bell, it was Russia vs Turkey in Ring A, Turkey vs Ukraine in Ring B and Russia vs Estonia in Ring C.

In Ring A it was 13-year-old Mark Davydenko who brought victory for Russia once again, winning the first gold for Russia of the EMC2022 and his second gold since the IFMA World Championships in Bangkok just over 2 months ago in Bangkok.

In Ring B, 11 Year old Sumeyye Omrum Ertikin from Turkey took home the home team’s first gold and her own first gold at an IFMA event against a very tough opponent from Ukraine, Diana Miroshnichenko.

In Ring C it was a battle between 12 year old Viktoria Boulubeva from Estonia and Eva Kanakina from Russia where Russia edged out the Estonia in the last round of this gold medal match.

Team Russia, Belarus, Turkey, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland topped the leader board in medals.