Day three of the World Championships saw a narrower circles of the contenders for the medals and even higher numbers of the top level bouts over three rings at the Sports Authority of Thailand – the Olympic heart of Thailand.
It was a hard task for spectators at the stadium and viewers of the live streaming to choose which ring to follow as each bout was a true spectacle to watch. The world muaythai level has skyrocketed and keeps growing; famous champions are out-competed in the first round and new names are exploding on to the scene and turning heads.
Some athletes were having their second day of battle with Nhat Nguyen Tran Duy (VIE) demonstrating his most serious intentions for the medal sparing power for the final stages as he won his second bout in the second round.
One of the brightest athletes of the World Games representing Spain Kevin Martinez followed the example of his Vietnamese fellow-athlete not leaving much to chance in his second bout day. It was a great performance for Kevin who is building his name in IFMA through his victories.
The bidder for the World Championships 2020 Kazakhstan shows the power of their athleticism with Almaz Sarsembekov pushing the Kazakhstan team up in the team rankings. Almaz ensured representation of the Kazakhstan team in the 1/8 final where he meets the Italian Antonio Albo. It will be an exciting bout as Antonio defeated Belarus in an amazing display.

The Ukrainian Elite is moving through the elimination stages aiming to gain the maximum qualification points for the World Games 2021, and the World Games athlete of the month Igor Liubchenko proved the validity of his nomination showing his skills as he moved to the 1/8 to face Serdar Koc from Turkey.

In the women’s division the three times world champion from Belarus Alena Leshkevich was testing skills of the Yuen Wai Chan (HKG). Both athletes showed highest levels of muaythai where Asia met Europe and Alena made another step towards her goal to become the first IFMA athlete to win four gold medals in a row.

48kg bronze and gold medalists of the World Championships 2018 will meet in the ring today with Vera Buga (RUS) and Suphisara Konlak (THA) moving to the quarterfinal of the World Championships in Thailand. This will be a great bout to follow today at ring A for spectators at the stadium and viewers of the live streaming.
One of the most followed athletes of the event Jimmy Vienot shared experience in the ring with another challenger from Peru Giovanni Mazzetti in the 1/8 final. It was a brave bout by Giovanni who pushed forward flooring Jimmy to the mat with his strong throws but it was in the last round that Jimmy took bck control of the fight and brought team France to the quarterfinal.

Many more amazing bouts took place on day 3 and the competition will become ever tougher as the World Championships are moving to the medal stage.