The live feeds, including the Olympic Channel, collectively thousands of viewers throughout the day and from all over the world demonstrating the amazing viewership Muaythai commands as a truly international sport. With over 90 bouts spread across three rings today covering male and female athletes ranging in age from17 to 40 years old.

One of the day’s early highlights included Mexico’s Omar Velez taking all three rounds from impressive newcomer Orlando Nagy from Australia.

Not to be shown up by Malaysia’s Muhammad Fadzmi Aiman Mohd Fadzli also claiming a three round victory over Ziyad Alshalan from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Syria’s Hossin Abda had an extremely close win against Morocco’s Aiman Lahmer El Ghzaoui and will move through to take on Portugal’s Joel Colaço tomorrow

The most interesting result of the day was a score card draw due to a point deduction leaving the judges to look at the bout to choose an overall win with that win going to Travis Schwitzer of New Zealand over Sajjad Jebur of Iraq

Daren Rolland of France stopped Ahmed Alshammar of the UAE in the first round

Vietnam’s Khue Nguyen Dinh Minh took all three rounds from Mohammed Al-Saeedi of Yemen

Tak Chuen Suen knotched up the first win for Macau beating Turkey’s Yasin Muhittin Can 

Argentina ’s Damian Eduardo Alcaraz moves through to the next round after beating Giang Hoang from Sweden

Maldova ’s Artiom Livadari took all three rounds against Mauritius Veejaye Agathe 

Yernat Smagulov and Germany’s Aldo Leone battled it out in a very close match finally resulting in a win for Kazakstan’s Yernat Smagulov

Canadian Amenzee Omozuwa warred against Australia’s Shannon Gardiner only to be stopped in the second round with the win going to Australia.

Asia Devismes of France ended her match in the 2nd round with a right elbow on Aneta Kadlecova from the Czech Republic

With only 1minute and 40 seconds left on the clock Antonia Drevenlid of Sweden stopped Noha Aly from Egypt and glided through to the next round.

Ekaterina Bezhan and Angela Mamic of Sweden are both well known names and have a collection of metal between them. This bout, worthy of a final, ended with Ekaterina Bezhan taking the win.

Sweden’s Arthur Balekelayi bout against Mexico’s Juan Antonio Hernández Tototmol came down to the wire with Mexico taking the win in the last round

Andreas Zacharakis from Greece stopped his match early with a devastating elbow on a very tough opponent from the Ivory Coast, Yedoh Meledje jean François 

Turkey’s Gülistan Turan demonstrated why they are a dominant force in women’s muaythai stopping Thailand’s Sunisa Dangchaiyapoom in the first round with a beautifully executed elbow 

Hungary’s Bálint Ladover dominated over Abdulla Alhosani of the UAE with a landslide win clearly showing that the athletes from Hungary are here for Gold. 

One of the last bouts of the night saw returning athlete Sarah Aiahmas from Syria going into the last round with a drawn score card. Desiree Rovira Ramirez  from Spain stepped up in the last round taking the win.

Tomorrow is lining up to be another action packed day as all three rings will feature just under 30 bouts a piece with the matches on the programme totalling 88. Again The Olympic Channel will be broadcasting live along with each ring having a separate live feed that can be found on the IFMA YouTube feed.